Croatian History in a Nutshell

MY HIDDEN CROATIA – Croatia is a country of great diversity in many ways. It has evolved over the centuries enduring many invasions from all directions, from the Illyrian tribes, Roman, Byzantium, Greek, Turkish, Venetian, French and Austro-Hungarian Empires, all leaving their indelible stamp of influence upon the architecture, language , culture and cuisine of this amazing country. Croatian history is very complex to say the least.

It was following the disintegration of the Roman Empire that the Croats and other Slavic races headed south from the northern Carpathian Region sometime in the 7th Century.After many wars, invasions, and being controlled by foreign entities, finally in 1991, following the Homeland War for Independence, Croatia became the independent Republic of Croatia.This is a country woven as a tapestry, so rich and vibrant in colour, from the fertile agricultural eastern plains of Slavonia, (not to be mistaken for the Republic of Slovenia) to the Zagorje region north of Zagreb, to the lush fields and forests of Lika, the Istrian Peninsula close to Italy, the northern Coastal Kvarner Region and finally the stunningly beautiful Dalmatian Coast from Zadar to Dubrovnik and all of the Islands scattered magically along the way. So much to explore!

So my dear friends, If there is anything you would like to know about Croatia, please give me a call, or email me. I would be delighted to help you with any question that you may have.

Kindest and warmest regards,
Robyn Vulinovich-Sisaric
Mobile 385 (0) 998280102 Croatia

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