Adria Gold Anti-Aging Skincare

To share my personal story and secrets of the amazing Immortelle plant with my friends and visitors to Croatia is something I am so proud to be able to do!  My early background in Natural Health and Nutrition Studies opened the door to my Natural Beauty Therapy Salon in Australia many years ago, where natural organic skin care products always proved therapeutic, successful and very popular, when combined with a fresh food diet, and an abundance of clean pure water. Fortunately, today residing in Split on the central Dalmatian coast of Croatia, I am surrounded by the healing plants of the Mediterranean, and perhaps the most valuable plant of all, producing anti-ageing essential oil in the world today is the magnificent Immortelle. The plants are harvested in May-June, with the oil being distilled, and purchased by cosmetic skin care companies to be used in a range of products as in Adria Gold.

The Immortelle plant, or Smilje, as it’s called here in Croatia grows all around the Mediterranean, usually in very hot and dry conditions, requiring very little nurturing, yet when harvested and pressed for its golden drops of pure essential oils it provides us with one of nature’s most exquisite and highly valued skin cosmetics for skin regeneration as well as having an excellent anti-ageing effect, smoothing lines, plumping the skin, while giving a natural healthy glow.

Combined with a fresh food healthy diet, and sufficient daily pure water intake, the essential oil of immortelle serum combined with the Adria Gold Day and Night creams is sensational.                                                                                                                 

A 30ml bottle of Immortelle Serum is priced at 259 Kuna or 35 Euro      Combined with Argan oil 

A 10 ml bottle of 100% pure Immortelle is priced at 360 kuna or 48 Euro              A few drops can be added to any quality skin care products providing total anti aging properties.

The 50ml Adria Gold Day and Night creams I find the combination of the serum and the day and night creams containing argan, immortelle and allantoin oils are the very best for anti-ageing, nourishing and protecting my mature aged skin beautifully. Priced at 105 kuna each, 14 Euro 

The 50ml Dry Skin Oils Flower and Fresh for all skin and facial skin care, and for lifeless and split ends of hair. A rich combination of joboba oil, macadamia, argan, sweet almond, immortelle essential oil and Vitamin E contributes to the hydration and nutrition of facial skin, and it becomes soft, shiny, and nurtrtured. Light dry oil is quick to absorb, non-greasy and has a pleasant smell.                                              Priced at 78.75 kuna or 10.50 Euro 

Adria Gold Rich Flower Hand Cream is something I carry with me wherever I go! An effective combination of macđadamia oil and shea butter intensively nourishes the hardest of working hands. Enriched with a soothing extract of hamamelis and allantoin, rejuvenating dry and sun damaged hands.                                                      Priced at 52.50 Kuna or 7.00 Euro

Adria Gold Fresh Hand Cream with its rich texture makes you skin soft again. A harmonious combination of argan oil, almond oil, and shea butter, provides skin care and protects it from dehydration. The smoothing effect of the oat extract supplemented by the regenerating effect of allantoin leaves the skin silky smooth and refreshed. Priced at 52.50  kuna or 7.00 Euro.

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