Best Krka Falls Magical Day Tour

Skradinski Buk waterfall on the Krka River is a sight to behold! Photos courtesy Krka Tourism

The 75-kilometer-long Krka River, piercing its way through the dry and thirsty karst region attracts many visitors with the unique beauty of its canyons and cascades, creating a carpet of moss, algae, and miraculous formations of travertine, falls, lakes, and green valleys. Come join us in our nature lover’s paradise!

9.00 am – Departure from your accommodation and a 1.5-hour drive northwards up the A1 highway brings us into the Krka National Park situated along the Krka River in Northern Dalmatia. The Krka Nature Park is known for a series of 7 spectacular waterfalls. The most well-known is Skradinski Buk waterfall In the south, flanked by traditional watermills, hydroelectric plants, and interesting ethnographic objects

10.30 am We’ll take a guided 2-kilometer walk along the timber walkways, over and through the falls, learning about the history and the surrounding karst region. Our guide always has interesting stories to tell of days gone by, and how the Krka River and the cascading falls played a dramatic role in the lives of so many local people in the past.

Anna and Joško at Etnoland always welcome their guests in true Dalmatian style..

At 12.30 we’ll make our way to our coach and continue a short distance to the award-winning attraction of Etnoland. Our guests always find the ambiance and ‘down to earth’ warm-hearted entertainment so delightful, with many visitors finding it difficult to call it a day!!

13.00. Joško always welcomes his guests with a liqueur, a traditional welcoming gesture here in Dalmatia, and his team will walk us through their small ethnic village explaining how their ancestors lived, and it’s a laugh-a-minute, together with some sobering facts, about how these hard-working yet soft-hearted and romantic Dalmatians lived and worked in such harsh conditions of rock and stone. We’ll taste some local specialties of finely sliced prosciutto and local cheeses, and taste a liqueur or two as a warm-up for our lunch!

14.00 A traditional ‘peka’ lunch of slowly roasted meats, prepared and baked in an iron ‘peka’ dome-shaped dish, will be served together with vegetables and salads. For Vegetarians, there will be an alternative. Local wines or fruit juices and a delicious dessert are always very much part of the meal and appreciated by all who pass this way.

Arrival back to your accommodation will be approximately 17.00-18.00

Price per person: 155 Euro pp based on a group of 24 guests.