Trogir Treasures Tour

The city of Salona was built in the 4th Century BC and is situated 9 km from Split on the mouth of the River Jadro and was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and the birthplace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. 244-311 AD. We will take you on a guided walk through these ancient remains where you’ll hear about the history of these turbulent times. 

Driving a further 20 km north we’ll cross the bridge to the islet of Trogir. Trogir is a short 30-minute drive north of Split. A small and quaint medieval town connected by a bridge to the mainland. Founded in the 3rd century BC by the Greeks, later rulers were Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Austria but the deepest cultural expansion has been left by the Croats. Trogir is still very well preserved and is on the UNESCO”S World Heritage list. Wandering through the cobbled lanes and walkways is always a delight.

The largest cultural expansion was in the Middle Ages with the building of the Cathedral and the city walls and towers. The beautiful Romanesque/Gothic features from that period are still very well preserved as well as medieval quarters adorned with Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Trogir has a small port where many of the cruise boats depart on their Dalmatian Island cruises.

Other special places of interest are:

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence, especially Radovan’s Portal details. Master Radovan carved it in 1240. It is the most monumental Romanesque-Gothic piece of art in Croatia, depicting reliefs and sculptures (cca 100 People), including adam and eve the birth of Christ, saints and apostles with the scenes of hunting and working.

Fort Kamerlengo and St. Mark’s Tower, built in the 15th Century by Master Marin Radoj and named after a Venetian official who was in charge of the city’s finances. Today it is a favourite location for summer musical events.

There are many excellent restaurants in Trogir Old Town and there are many cafes and bars to relax in, have a cool drink, and a bite to eat. The gelato is always great in Trogir and there are many handicrafts and art galleries to enjoy.

Kairos Vineyards. At 3.30 pm we’ll drive up in the hills above Trogir to one of the most picturesque vineyards where we’ll do a wine tasting of the ‘little blue’ (plavac mali) variety of grape indigenous to this area, that made its way to California with a Croatian immigrant at least 100 years ago and became known as Zinfandel. (Crljenak) Late afternoon is a perfect time of day to relax and enjoy the tastes and sights from this scenic spot, arriving back to your accommodation by 18.30 pm

Duration: 9.30am-18.30pm

Price per person: 180 euros

Group size: minimum 2 people

Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, guide, tickets, wine tasting