A 15th Century Caffe Bar in Split

                                  A 15th Century (1450) Style Library Wine Bar and Tapas

                                              BIRTHPLACE OF MARKO MARULIC                                                                                                      (Dante Alighieri of Croatia)                                                              Location: Papaliceva 4, In front of the City Museum., Split Old Town.

Today I discovered a real gem…..


A Caffe Library Bar tucked away in the ‘GET’area, within the ancient walls of the Roman Emporer Diocletian’s 1700 year old palace in Split…a hidden treasure…

Owner and poet, Tin Bojanic…a young man with a passion for his homeland, culture and poetry must be congratulated for his contribution to this city of Split…his menu introduction reads as follows……..

“Tu Amigo, Tvoj Prijatelj, Your Friend, TIN BOJANIC….                                                              I am Tin, a Croatian diaspora born in La Argentina. Married with poetry, I wanted to share my passion and fatefully stumbled upon the neglected home and place of birth of Marko Marulic, the 15th century Dante Alighieri  of poetry in Croatia.”


“As a poet I felt Committed to commemorate his legacy and share it with all of you. I am so proud  to have the opportunity to contribute to culture in Croatia.”


“After a very long journey I was able to refurbish a historically sensitive landmark that belongs …and always will belong to the Church.”


“To all my friends who come to  visit Marko’s spirit and share a drink and some words, I would like to welcome each and every one of you.”


“I hope you experience the aim of creating a house that makes you feel, once you’ve crossed the door saying goodbye, homesick enough to return”


“Composta e` more poetica, venite et vedetila, direte che anchora la lengua schiava ha el suo Dante.”

“Come, See it and you will say that the Slavonic language also has it’s Dante”


Bogu /To God……                                                                                                                                 Dalmacija / To Dalmatia…….                                                                                                             Poezija / To Poetry


Please visit  www.marcvsmarvlvs.com

2 thoughts on “A 15th Century Caffe Bar in Split

  1. I look forward to visiting and enjoying the ambience and a glass of vino in April 2014 . It looks wonderful

    1. Hi Tin,
      My dear friend Robyn introduced me to you and your unique and welcoming place last year. Just wonderful and I shall return again in 2015.
      regards Caroline from Australia

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