Alen Bibich Winery….Slow-food and wine tasting highlights.

Alen Bibic is one of Croatia’s leading is always a pleasure to visit his vineyard and cellar at Plastevo in the hills near Skradin on the Krka River. Being greeted by the man himself and treated to a superbly chilled Bibich Brut Rose`was  a VERY special occasion…

The Bibich Vineyards are about 500 years old. During the recent Homeland War, there was severe fighting in this area, and many of the vines were destroyed. Alen set about restoring his grandfather’s pride and joy, and today has excelled in the production of quality wines, marketing and wine tourism. Arriving at 1.00 pm we were welcomed into the atmospheric courtyard, potted red geraniums, terracotta, and tasting tables under a shady grapevine…..

Sime Petkovic,, Sommelier at Bibic Wineries
Sime Petkovic,, Sommelier at Bibic Wineries

Our group of Australians were delighted with Bibich sommelier Sime Petkovic and his special presentation of food and wine parings….

Alen Bibich 031

The courtyard told it’s own story…limestone,  pebbles, red geraniums, terracotta…that’s Dalmatia!

Alen Bibich 023Our guests, together with my husband Dusko (Centre) were off to a flying start… tasting Bibich R6.. Janet (Back right) in front is Jenny (Left)and Christine (Right)….all agreed it was a superb drop and definitely one of our favourite reds.

Alen is to be admired because Bibich international success was based on his Debit and red blend, R6; these two wines made from grapes indigenous to Central Dalmatia  previously considered as second-class varietals useful only for making bland, bulk wines. He proved the locals wrong and practically saved these varietals from extinction.

Shiraz grapes freshly picked...

The cuisine was sensational. One of the entrees was a sensational veal risotto, slowly simmered for 8 hours, rice being added in the last 10 minutes, and sprinkled with 24 ct gold dust…a known aphrodisiac! WOW! It was a taste sensation.!

Alen Bibich 053

Our guests seemed to be really relaxed and enjoying what proved to be a definite highlight of their tour…Margaret and John

Alen Bibich 047

Terry and Robyn….

Alen Bibich 045

Olesia and David….

Alen Bibich 050

Kevin and Angela…

Alen Bibich 046

Vicky and Tom…

Alen Bibich 039

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