Finger Licking Food in the Dalmatian Zagora.

Dalmatian Zagora (Hinterland) is the southern inland region spreading from Zadar to Biokovo National Park. The environment is beautiful, and the food has many finger-licking delicacies. The houses are built of stone since the region is abundant in this material. The great sculptor Ivan Mestrovic came from this area. Mountainous and rocky, this region is known for its hard-working people, and for their brave and benevolent rebels called Hajduks, that consistently fought against the invading Turkish oppressors many centuries ago. The major football team of Dalmatia is called HAJDUK…naturally!

Today, with my small group of friends, I visited the Agritourism destination of the Borovac Family in Vrgorac at their family home and konoba (Cellar)… The blue and white pieces are always delightful……

Dragica and Zelko welcomed us into their konoba, and after welcome drinks of their special liqueurs we were treated to Dragica’s homemade goat’s cheese, ajvar (roasted red peppers, garlic olive oil and baked eggplant) prsut (prosciutto), and a more aged sheep’s milk cheese, together with home-baked bread.

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 031

The ambiance of the konoba was so warm and inviting… lots to look at…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 024

Rada, Tamara and Rafaella were in their element…they wanted some of Dragica’s recipes…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 032

Writing down some of the old family favourite  favourites…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 042

Time for a great peka meal of slowly roasted veal and freshly dug potatoes…cooked under the bell over the coals…DELICIOUS and so tender!

Dragica preparing the coals and the peka…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 020

Sooooooo tender and mouthwatering…

Our after-lunch stroll was so delightful…Dragica has many herbs and vegetables in the garden,…Zelko is getting ready for the arrival of 6 piglets that will be well taken care of until Christmas time…and has a number of baby goats, plus chickens and geese in the farmyard.

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 006

Spring time blossoms…the cherry tree near the old house….

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 008

Geese in the farmyard…and wildflowers everywhere…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 005

The old forts, built centuries ago in protection of the invading Turks…overlooking the Borovac home…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 009

Wildflowers and rock…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 045

The three of us, Dragica, myself and Zelko….under an olive tree….

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 039

The hard-working hands of Dragica…

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 038

Perfumes and colours in the garden….

Borovac Family in Vrgorac 046

The lavender dried and aromas wafting…Borovac Family in Vrgorac 022

In the konoba…a treasured photo of Želko’s Mother as a child…

Thank you to Dragica and Želko for your superb hospitality, delicious food and wines, warmth, and generosity…we’ll be back!

Tuesday 23/05/23..We came back, and once again were delighted with Dragica’s home-cooked peka slow lunch..Thanks again to our wonderful hosts, Dragica and Želko Borovac in the village of Vrgorac, high in the Dalmatian Hinterland.

After lunch, we retired to the garden, and had a well-earned snooze! Life is beautiful! By Robyn Vulinovich, travel consultant at My Hidden Croatia.

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