A yacht called STANE

In Dubrovnik you will find an exceptional Croatian  skipper, Branislav, and his yacht called STANE (pr. STARN-AY) Sailing the Dalmatian Coast is his passion. Here is his story….

After many years of being a professional skipper on charter yachts, I  decided that the time has come to buy my own yacht. I will work without any compromises, in a way that I have learned to be the best for the clients. I can do so, as I ended up buying a perfect yacht beautifully maintained SO 52.2 – vintage.

I did some changes so that her indoor and outdoor space would provide better comfort for the clients. Already at the first sight it is obvious that Stane is not just another charter yacht – cushions on the deck and changes made to provide more space in the salon are making a lot of difference. Watching the clients on board, seeing their needs, I get ideas for things to do or change on the yacht all the time. It is constant process, because almost every group of clients inspires me in a different way.

Being a skipper on a sailing yacht is what I have always wanted to do and it is my inspiration. The profile of the clients who charter sailing yachts is what makes this job special. I learned that clients on sailing yachts are mostly very interested to learn and find out as much as possible about the area, but in very relaxed and casual way. So I have decided to provide all comfort possible (and meaningful) on the yacht of this size, combined with professional and attentive service.

Stane offers a special arrangement where the price includes all costs except berths and provisioning for clients and the crew. There is no need for a security deposit, no check in or check out procedure usual for bareboat charters, no other extra costs to be paid on board – which is another important fact that saves your time in planning and calculating the end cost of your sailing holiday. Last, but not least; me and the hostess are here, for you, to take care of all the things you don’t want to think about when you can simply enjoy your days…
Brani, your skipper