An Exquisite day on Islands Šolta and Brač

This was a very unique and profound experience! It never ceases to amaze me how catastrophes can result in profound situations with extraordinary results ..all it takes is a positive outlook and good honest thoughts!
An Exquisite day on Islands Šolta and Brač …A day that  began at 9.00am when Tash and I were greeted by the BRAČ EXCURSIONS TEAM on the Split Riva…We had met them a month ago at the recent SPLIT B2B Conference. Due to a bout of laryngitis, I had been unable to deliver my speech about the potential of Food and Wine Tourism within Croatia. I had so much to say, and had been preparing myself for weeks! It had been such an honour to be invited, along with Paul Bradbury of Total Croatia News to speak at this important seminar that was focusing on a topic so close to my heart! A group of 20 International travel agents had arrived in Split with no previous knowledge of Croatia.. and a room full of local Croatian agents were due to be in attendance, yet I was not capable of more than a hoarse whisper!!

Disaster! I thought of a young New Zealander who has come to live in this part of the world with a similar food, wine, and tourism background as myself. Her name is Tash Peričić. She came to Croatia a few years ago to sail as a hostess and fell head over heels in love with this country, and even more so with  Captain Mirko! Today they are a happily married couple and are launching a new sailing experience in 2018 for small groups on a beautiful timber yacht called ‘Sinbadsan’.

To avoid a catastrophe I quickly emailed Tash in an urgent bid for help and she responded immediately with a positive answer to my request. She read through my notes a number of times, she understood my way of thinking, she sees the potential here in Croatia of the simple things in life that are of great interest and delight to our overseas visitors, yet often taken for granted by the local tour operators, or considered of little interest to our guests.

On my behalf, Tash delivered a great speech on this subject, covering almost all of what I had intended saying. Her passion was very obvious and she was well received and extremely well applauded.

It was during the days of this conference that we met Antonija Maretić and Dijana Ribar ..two members of the BRAČ EXCURSIONS team..Two delightful young women who together with Maksi and Siniša,  provide a wonderful service here in Central Dalmatia, taking daily tours for small groups from Split to the nearby islands of Brač, Hvar, Vis, and Šolta.

Following Tash’s speech, we were invited to be their guests on a day trip to Šolta and Brač. Proudly they wanted to show us what they considered to be day tours of quality and what eventuated  was beyond our wildest dreams!..A day of absolute pleasure in fine hospitable company, with a  feast of freshest sea bream on the grill a la Dalmatian style with Igor and Vedran from their small environmental fish farm at Sešula Bay.

After lunch we sailed across to Island Brač, where we met a delightful couple, Andrea and Ivo Tomas.

We were so warmly welcomed to their centuries old abode located on the hidden azure waters of Smrka Bay. Together with the team from BRAČ EXCURSIONS we enjoyed an incredible adventure, warmest hospitality, sharing a table a la fresco overlooking this spectacular sea view..savouring the homemade Tomas family specialities,of cheeses, pancetta, olives marinated, sundried cherry tomatoes bursting with taste sensations, capers and salted anchovies, coloured peppers simply sliced.and so fresh..liqueurs and excellent wines. A totally brilliant experience,filling the senses to the hilt.

Tash has written a wonderful descriptive article entitled A ROBINSON CRUSOE EXPERIENCE..on Island Šolta..

Followed by a second article entitled SIMPLE PLEASURES ON BRAČ ISLAND….

Getting back to the subject of  profound experiences… the loss of my voice seemed a disaster at the time, yet it brought me together with Tash..and what has evolved since then is a closer working relationship with a young woman who is the epitome of positivity and an exchange of mutual ideas has ensued. It proves once again that everything happens for a reason.

At the time it is not always so clear, but stand back and all will be revealed when the time is right!

by Robyn Vulinovich