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If you are a lover of Nature, looking for a special Nature Tour or Sailing experience, we would like to introduce you to the spectacular Telascica National Park. Telascica is one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Adriatic Sea, as it juxtapositions the robust and tall cliffs, the large and calm cove, the brutal rocky landscape and the colourfully diverse undersea life.

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Scattered like yellow -grey pearls in the middle of the Adriatic, Kornati is the most densely spread archipelago in the entire Mediterranean, featuring around 150 islands, isles and rocks. Nestling right next to them is the equally spectacular Telascica Nature Park, located on the south end of Dugi Otok, geographically a natural part of Kornati.


Waiting for the sunset on the edge of a cliff in meditative peace, intoxicated with the etheric aromas of the Mediterranean, the excited whistling of swift birds on the hunt and the tireless love concert of the crickets from the nearby forest, enchanted as the red ball of sun kisses the horizon on the open sea stretching all the way to Italy.

Telascica owes its unique landscape to geographical forces which shaped them in such an imaginative way over millions of years.

Landscape Kornati National Park
Landscape Kornati National Park

The undersea is abundant and well preserved, mostly because it is a protected territory without hunting or any other disturbance.

Underwater Kornati

Corals and sea life of Kornati NP
Corals and sea life of Kornati NP

In summer, children swim and explore the coastal rocks in the shallow and clear water, while white sailboats are anchored nearby. There are no concerns, as Telascica is one of the safest and most natural ports on the Adriatic.

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While one side of the Telascica shore is made up of steep cliffs that plunge towards the sea, the descent through the cool shade and pleasant scents of a pine forest on the other side is mild and very pleasant.

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Telascica has become a significant travel destination, in the summer it is visited by a thousand guests per day, and is a yachting paradise.

The closest main coastal town is Zadar in Northern Dalmatia.

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