Tour Dalmatian Roman Roads

Taste of Dalmatian Roman Roads

Tour highlights….

HERITAGE: Diocletian’s Palace in Split; ancient ruins of Salona; Krka National Park; Old City of Hvar; Church of Saint Donat in Zadar; Romanesque and Renaissance architecture in Trogir;

CULTURE:  Ivan Meštrović Gallery Split; Emanuel Vidović Gallery Split; Archeological Museum; Ethnographic Museum; Narona Archeological Museum; Dalmatian klapa – band singing a cappella; Dalmatian folklore dances

NATURE: partake in the wonders of protected landscapes – the Canyon of the river Cetina, which connects coastal and inland Dalmatia, and the delta of the river Neretva, a vast marshland abundant in flora and fauna sheltering many bird species; see for yourself the masterpiece that is Krka National Park and why is it so special with it peculiar ecosystem

GASTRONOMY: Rafioli from Trogir; Dalmatian pašticada; Dalmatian pršut (smoked ham); homemade cheese specialty dishes with eels and frogs from the river Neretva; fig cake; arambašići; peka; Dalmatian wines and rakija

EXPERIENCE: ride in local boats called trupice while enjoying the unique landscape of the delta of the Neretva river; tasting some of the best Dalmatian wines – Pošip, Grk, Babić, Postup, Dingač; buying fresh fish and vegetables on famous fish market in Zadar; hear dalmatian song echoing narrow ancient streets; cooking lessons

The spirit of Ancient Romans still lives on in Dalmatia even after two millennia! Get in touch with the place where gladiators, soldiers, and emperors once fought their battles. As one of the largest Roman provinces, Dalmatia is a home of their fascinating culture and mind blowing buildings. With this unique and luxurious tour, every step is a historical trace that will make you feel like you are wearing a toga all day long. Once in a lifetime experience will immerse you into the ancient times while enjoying local Mediterranean gastronomy and idyllic scenery.

DAY 1 WELCOME TO CROATIA! Your ancient tour starts with a warm welcome at the Split airport, from where you will be transferred to one of the most beautiful Split’s hotels in the very center of the city. Upon arrival, after a short break to refresh yourself, your tour leader will show you around the city of Split with Diocletian’s Palace as the highlight of this day. It is the only monument in the world where people still live in! Can you imagine an apartment 1700 years old? Also, you will get to see an underground Roman aqueduct, accompanied by professional speleologist. Afterward, you’ll be taken back to the hotel for dinner and in the evening, you can rest and dream about your upcoming ancient times.

DAY 2 LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN – SALONA  In the morning you will enjoy tasty breakfast and fill yourself with energy. After that, your tour guide will take you to visit Salona and this is where your adventure begins! As the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, it is the starting point of all Roman roads in Dalmatia. You will be surprised to see how well it is preserved. Monumental columns, long roads, remains of the city’s baths, temples and the only amphitheater in the world in the form of an ellipse, will delight all your senses. You will learn about Salona’s historical heritage and its abundant impact on culture and gastronomy. This is why we will take you to luxurious olive oil tasting organized in Ancient Tusculum, where you will see how olive oil was important to Romans, and discover the secret how it became an integral part of contemporary Dalmatia. In case of bad weather, tour guide will take you to oil refinery, were you’ll be shown a quick course about olive making tradition in Dalmatia. You’ll learn how to recognize real extra virgin olive oil and you’ll even get to try original ancient specialties, based entirely on preserved Roman recipes.

You will leave from there to continue your journey and see well preserved Roman roads at Dugopolje region, which was used by Roman legionary to access the city of Split, but also by merchants who would bring food and other supplies on their carriage to citizens and local villagers. After all these outstanding ancient sights, you will proceed back to Split where you will stay in a hotel and relax after dinner for another day of Roman adventures.

DAY 3 ZADAR – HEART OF NORTHERN DALMATIA Another day in a beautiful hotel is accompanied by abundant breakfast, after which you will meet up with a tour guide and set off towards sunny and sublime city of Zadar, a city of exceptional history and rich cultural heritage. Zadar was Roman municipality since 59 BC which make it the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. Your tour guide will tell you the whole story about it lush history and how this city became the beating heart of Nothern Dalmatia. After tour of Zadar, tour guide will take you to unique experience – ancient glass making course. Definitely not something you get to see every day, but absolutely memorable.

To make your day even more knowledgeable, you’ll proceed further to city of Nin, known for salt making and you’ll be taken on a tour of saltworks where they still manufacture salt same way as old Romans did. To finish off this amazing day and prepare for tomorrow’s sightseeing, you’ll return to hotel and rest after enjoying in delicious dinner.


After breakfast, once again you will change city streets but this time with one of nature’s most beautiful Croatian rivers and head for Krka National Park. With its incredible and exceptional ecosystems, the main purpose of the park is primarily to serve science, culture, education and recreation. You’ll be taken on a tour from Skradin to Skradinski buk which is one of the most attractive parts of the park. Along the way, you will witness some of Mother Nature’s most impressive masterpieces, such as massive and clear pools with high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other.

To make it more interesting for you, afterwards we’ll show you ancient amphitheater and Roman military camp Burnum which is called “Empty church” by local citizen because of its peculiar look. Afternoon is reserved for the rest of Bribir county, along with ancient Roman settlement Varvaria which will be followed by wine tasting at local winery and five course meal to experience traditional Dalmatian culinary. At the end of everything, we’ll take you back to hotel where you will spend the night.

DAY 5 HVAR  OLD CITY TOUR AND KUPINOVIK VILLA RUSTICA. Since breakfast is most important meal of the day, you can’t skip it so after enjoying in nice meal and morning coffee, once again, we’re taking you on another adventure. This time, you will travel by ferryboat to island of Hvar, the sunniest place in Croatia. In the very heart of Hvar is the city who shares the name with its island and you’ll be given a tour of the Old City and even see the best preserved ancient Greek cadastre in the Mediterranean by UNESCO’s standards. Interestingly enough, even though it’s Greek, cadastre was not known from Greek sources, but people found out about it thanks to the Romans. In ancient times, this area was known as Ager Pharensis and one of the most precious monuments from that period is Villa Rustica at Kupinovik which was countryside villa that served both as a residence of the landowner and well as a farm management centre. To give you a bit of a break, we’ll take you back to Split by ferryboat and let you rest at the hotel.

DAY 6 NARONA – TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCE … Once in a lifetime experience is rounded up with a visit to the Roman site of a town called Narona near Metković. Being situated on the river Neretva, it has a unique location and a site of Archeological Museum. When Roman temple building was discovered, 19 statues were found, among some were of the emperors Claudius and Vespasian, as well as two of Augustus and his wife Livia. They were all lying on the floor and their heads had been broken off. After seeing these decapitated staues, you’ll discover more of preserved Roman heritage in Archeological Museum Narona which is the first museum in Croatia built completely on a piece of land with ancient findings.

When your impressions settle down after having a day full of activities, the rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy more the spirit of Split and relax at hotel.

DAY 7 CETINSKA KRAJINA AND AMAZING CULINARY EXPERIENCE….. New extraordinary day begins at Cetinska Krajina region where you’ll visit Aequum which was a Roman colony near city of Sinj. It was founded by emperor Claudius and it was the only colony in the interior of the province of Dalmatia. Aequum was actually the center of wider area where the colonists lived, and the city served as a place to fulfill their administrative, cultural, religious and social needs and duties. To gain more energy for upcoming tourist attractions, we’ll take to a restaurant which serves Roman food with modern day twist to it.

Moving further, you’ll get to explore the small town of Trilj or ancient Tilurium which was old Roman military camp. After getting yourself familiar with history of that area, on your last night, we’re treating you to a dinner in Cetina canyon with traditional Dalmatian culinary delights.

DAY 8 LIFETIME MEMORIES…. When you finish your breakfast in the morning, you’ll be transported to the old town of Trogir which was included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. It is a place where different cultures made an impact through centuries, from Greek colonist through Romans to the Middle Ages. Here every building has its own unique story to tell. Whether it is a famous historical person that was born there or the very first pharmacy in Europe that was opened there, many building facades have commemorative plaques and emblems.

When the tour of the city finishes, you’ll be on your way to your plane, where you can soak up the sun, and all the locations, stories and feelings that you will carry forever in your heart which is now infected with Dalmatia.

Price per person (based on 2 people) with VAT, hotels 3*, all transfers, tickets and meals as stated in the program 1.955 Euros per person.

*flight tickets not included