Trogir Treasures

Trogir is a short 30 minute drive north of Split. A small islet connected by a bridge to the mainland. Founded in the 3rd century BC by the Greeks, later rulers were Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Austrian-Hundgarians,  but the deepest cultural expansion has been left by the Croats. Trogir is still very well preserved and is on the UNESCO”S World Heritage list. My friend Jeni Tidmarsh was again here in Split for a week, visiting Croatia from Australia’s Gold Coast. She was keen to catch up with her friends at Konoba TRS in Trogir. Chef Dragan Grbić  is one of her favourites and so who was I to disagree? The food and local wines were simply stunning! The restaurant is housed in a 13th century home with grapevines (trs) covering the courtyard…so much ambiance.

Trogir has a small port where many of the cruise boats depart on their Dalmatian Island cruises….

A day in Trogir 005

The 15th century Fort Kamerlengo and St Mark’s Tower, built by master Marin Rodoj is named after Camerarius, a Venetian official who was in charge of city finances. The tower was built as a defensive post against Turkish attacks…..

A day in Trogir 013 As we walked through the cobbled walkways of the old town we came across Tatijana’s cooking School. As we entered the courtyard we found Tatijana cleaning the freshly caught fish…preparing them for lunch. We were kindly invited to stay, but we had arranged to meet Dragan, a friend of Jeni’s, and chef of  Konoba TRS….

A day in Trogir 020Tatijana and I, making plans to return again..VERY SOON…..

A day in Trogir 024We soon found our friends, and a welcoming glass of Plavac Mali waiting, the favourite and most well known red wine variety of Dalmatia. Translated it means, Little Blue….A day in Trogir 029

Young chef, Dragan was a great source of information and luckily it was his day off, so he had time to sit with us and tell us all about his new menu…very innovative, featuring all the local and seasonal goodies from this area of great seafood, lamb, cheeses, full range of Mediterranean vegetables and fruits.

A day in Trogir 030

The wild rabbit with gnocchi and lentils was delicious….

A day in Trogir 037

Dragan and Jeni had a lot to catch up on..a whole year had gone by….

A day in Trogir 031

I started off with a very interesting plate of soup…chickpeas and scampi…it was so delicious…every mouthful was a taste sensation!…You can tell by my empty plate below…

A day in Trogir 032

A day in Trogir 034

Second course was the local Dalmatian Speciality of Pasticada…and it was SENSATIONAL…so tender, melt in your mouth…so full of flavour…so lovingly prepared!

A day in Trogir 040

Later we wandered along the Riva in Trogir…checking the sights….A day in Trogir 016 A day in Trogir 041

And here comes a group of  German tourists…

A day in Trogir 008

My favourite angel, at the entrance of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir..and a very favourite restaurant nearby, Konoba Trs, located in the courtyard of a 14th century villa..

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