March 2023 One Aussie family’s views of Croatia after a quick three-week road trip from Zagreb to Dubrovnik in March 2023.

“My family and I spent three weeks driving from Zagreb to Dubrovnik in March 2023. Robyn very kindly gave us a number of suggestions in relation to towns to visit or stay in, accommodation, restaurants, and tour guides. Without her help, we would have definitely missed some very special locations. We spent a day in her delightful company while exploring the island of Brac. Again Robyn directed us to the best places to see and eat. It made a world of difference sharing our travels with a local who so kindly imparted her knowledge. Robyn has a relaxed but professional demeanor and we had a lot of fun with her. We only wish she had been able to join our entire holiday. We highly recommend Robyn and look forward to catching up with her when next we visit Croatia.

A country with a fabulous history, far too complicated for us to get a grasp of in our short visit. However, we understood that it included being ruled, or partly controlled by, the Romans, Venetians, Hungarians, Ottomans, Austrians, Soviets, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and probably others, at various times. It became part of Yugoslavia around 1918 and gained independence in 1991, although a four-year war ensured.

It has a small population of not quite 4 million, a length of approximately 530 kilometres, and approximately 1200 islands along its coast.

The main roads are fabulous, well maintained, with little traffic and lots of tolls, which we were happy to pay due to the ease of driving around the country.

Endless well-preserved historical sites and some ruins from Pula’s amphitheatre; numerous revived cobblestone medieval villages with cafes and arts; and the Old Town of Zadar, Diocletians Palace in Split, and the Dubrovnik Castle, all of which are living towns still inhabited with residents, restaurants, shops, government offices, etc. All fabulous to explore.

Croatia has approximately 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites made up of both natural, such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is beautiful, and a number of cultural heritage sites.

Delicious grassroots produce such as olives, olive oil, cheeses, and truffles. An abundance of sweet and savoury pastries in large patisseries/bakeries and coffee shops galore with outside/street seating. But be aware that most coffee shops do not serve any food.

While it was difficult to find places to serve breakfast, (we did travel out of season and stayed in private accommodation), the lunch and dinner restaurants were fabulous. Some served hearty traditional type meals that might include soups and stews, while others served more modern fare with seafood being a main feature.

The people were warm and inviting, spoke good English, and made the time to have a chat. The whole country had quite a relaxed and casual vibe. It was a mixture of stepping back in time when life was simpler but also a sense of modernisation occurring.

The coastline was magical with azure blue water and numerous islands that you could visit. We were fortunate to visit two very different islands. Pag, which is known for its cheeses, olives, salt, lace, and very dry rocky countryside, and Brac, which was more lush and had some lovely seaside villages and beaches.

Robyn was fantastic in giving us tips, suggestions, and guides for the entire country. We definitely would have missed some very special locations and restaurants without her knowledge. We were also very fortunate to spend a day enjoying Robyn’s delightful company while on the Island of Brac.

We hope to return and rent a catamaran to explore more islands and the coastline. We would have liked to have had more time to explore the neighbouring countries.

I am very happy to speak with anyone who is considering a visit to Croatia.

Joanne and Jeff Gurney Gold Coast, Australia. 2023.”

Kelly Ryan USA: Dear Robyn, Where do I begin!  We had an absolutely wonderful time, everything went so smoothly and we enjoyed ourselves so much.  It was a great introduction to international travel for our nephew.  Everyone was so kind and engaging.  We are so glad travel is coming back.  So a few specific comments:

Unlimited Balkan- We couldn’t have been happier with Aleksandar.  He was knowledgeable, fun, and being younger really bonded with Korbin.  Besides the driving, he helped with calling 2 of our rental apartments, translating directions, and key pick up.

He also arranged a winery tour while we were in Istria, very nice. Top-notch service at all times.  He joined us as our guest for a peka dinner one night, which was lots of fun to sort of relax and really talk. 

Cooking Class: enjoyable, fun, and a great chance to talk one on one about culture, food, politics, etc.  We plan on making the prune-stuffed pork for Christmas dinner per Korbin’s request. I take that as a success!

The sailing portion was beautiful!  We visited Solta, Vis, Hvar, and Brac.  Leisurely sailing, great anchorage spots, delicious meals.  The water was so beautiful and clear, we swam every day. 

Truffle Experience: Oh boy, this turned out far better than I could hope for.  I was the one who really wanted to do this and honestly drug Dennis and Korbin along.  They LOVED it and Korbin, who had never tasted truffles before, has become a fan.  I pity his parents lol.  It was a real hunt with a dog, we found about a dozen including a huge truffle (163 grams) which made our guide very excited.  Then an amazingly generous lunch, we gorged ourselves on all manner of truffles.  This whole experience was an unexpected hit.

All the various hotels and apartments we stayed at were just perfect.  I highly recommend the Art Apartment in Rovinj, beautifully decorated and in a super convenient location.  Even the Dream Hotel for our last night fulfilled its mission.  Yes, it was rather sparse, but for a 6:00 am flight, you can’t beat the location.  And the staff here was really kind and helpful. 

I want to thank you again for your suggestions, advice, and direction in helping to plan this trip.  It went so smoothly we could relax and just enjoy.  We’ve all spoken highly of Croatia and will definitely steer friends to visit and contact you.  Thank you so much, Robyn.  Take care, Kelly Ryan USA

24/09/21 Robyn, thank you for a wonderful evening. It was so lovely to meet you and we can’t thank you enough for introducing us to your beautiful Croatia. We will be back next year and can’t wait to see you again. Until then stay well and happy. Love from us. Fiona and Mark Riley. London /Australia.

In July 2021 we visited Croatia for the second time as part of a longer European adventure. Our first trip to Croatia in 2017 was island hopping between Dubrovnik and Split, and this time we wanted to get away from the usual tourist hot spots and experience a different side of Croatia. Robyn helped us to plan an amazing trip that was tailored to suit our interests. She offered lots of helpful suggestions from lovely hillside towns to visit, fantastic restaurants and wine bars with sunset views and sailing for a day around Island Brac. The highlight was definitely visiting the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia. The fusion of Croatian and Italian food and culture is really something unique to experience, and this is an area we would love to re-visit again and again. In particular, the Truffle Hunt experience with the Karlic family is a must, which includes an incredible tasting menu of everything truffles as well as scouting out Truffles with their gorgeous truffle hunting dogs. Whenever anyone asks what the highlight of our European trip was, we say “Istria!” without hesitation.

A difficult part about travelling to a foreign country is being able to find the hidden gems beyond the ‘Top 10’ attractions you can find on whichever travel website.  We like to be able to plan out our itineraries rather than join a tour group, but with the help of a local who really knows what is worth seeing. Robyn’s guidance and recommendations were invaluable and we recommend getting in touch with her whether you just need a few small recommendations or help to build a whole itinerary! Tara and Diego (from Australia via London, July 2021)


LISA AVERILL, Oregon USA, JULY/August 2021

“I’ll hang out in the kitchen ANY day with this amazing guy! Chef Zeljko delivered what the girls would say was their favorite day of our 3 weeks in Croatia. From the start, learning about the ins and outs of the market from how the locals and the local chefs pick their food to the random scale delivery each morning to prevent tampering, we were intrigued by its inner workings.  We loved exploring the “tiny alley”, and that Chef pointed out all sorts of fun history and fun facts as we meandered back to the school. The fun had already started, but make no mistake, the cooking experience was the whip cream, cherry on top, with lots of sprinkles! Our family will never forget this day.” Lisa Averill, Oregon USA.

Hi Robyn, It was an absolute pleasure to work with you over these past months and then finally meet you. It was so reassuring to know that I had someone “on the ground” so to speak with accurate information regarding covid, activities, lodging locations and restaurant suggestions. I appreciated your willingness to say “yes” to this unconventional way of working together.  For me it was perfect to have someone to bounce things off of.  Thank you.                                            Lisa and Chad Averill and Family, Oregan USA – July 2021

To our absolutely amazing escort Robyn, for a wonderful trip on and off the MS Splendid, island hopping down the Croatian Coast, a small gift in appreciation.      Fondest regards,                                                                                                  Roger and Pam,  Trevor and Brenda, Marie and Liz, Jim and Sandra, Georgie and Rose, Leo and Rose, Sue and Rosalie. – Australia.

September 2019
Robyn, Such a wonderful trip we had and we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us. We truly feel we saw the very best Croatia has to offer! Can’t stop talking about it to our friends! Hope you enjoy the book as a token of our appreciation! Laura and Norbert Hansch – Canada

Lynne and Gordan – August 2018
Dear Robyn, We had a fantastic day with Blanka at the Amazing Plitvice Lakes. Thank you for setting that up for us. Awesome! Thank you so much.We are in Heaven here in Dubrovnik.  Once again you delivered above our expectations. It has been a true pleasure having you as our travel agent. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear is thinking of traveling to this part of the world. I can’t thank you enough.Thank you once again for taking such great care of us. We truly appreciate all you did and thoroughly enjoyed your company and incredible wealth of knowledge. We also hope to see you again sometime down the travelled road. Cheers, Lynne & GordanVancouver 

Peter and Dinah Davis
Hi Robyn, We both have fabulous memories of our time in Croatia and we will definitely be back. We saw so much over our 2 weeks but feel we barely touched the surface. Carpe Diem is a great gullet  made extra special by Frano,Lorena and Niko. We  are seriously thinking of heading north from Split  towards Istria in 2019.

The land part of our holiday was equally terrific. We would especially like to thank you for helping put together a well-paced 8 days with lots of variety Our driver Marin was a champion, great sense of humour and lots of titbits of information. I am not sure which of our two special lunches at Bibich and Pelegrini I would but first, both were outstanding with world-class food and wine. Our Bibich Wines arrive safely back home and will bring back great memories in years to come. Each of the guides you arranged for us were delightful individuals with excellent English and they gave us a much better understanding not just of the sights but of the history and character of Croatia.

Thank you again for all your efforts in ensuring our holiday went smoothly, especially in helping us to check in Split. Sorry we did not have the opportunity to say good by properly, Tony and Anna had made a mistake on their departure time so we had to rush to the Airport. All 6 of us loved our time in Croatia it over delivered in every way and we cant wait to get back again.

Best Regards,
Dinah & Peter Davis. September 2017.

Peter and Noelle Kinsella
Hi Robyn, well be are now safely ensconced at home in our own little beds.Regardless of the great trip, it’s always good to be home.I’m sure you were also happy to get home.It was a fantastic trip and one I guess of a lifetime.It’s not often we get to visit a country and be so expertly shown its developing cultures and told so accurately its past stories both political and culturally.It was certainly great to have you with us and we do appreciate the extra effort and homework you put in to ensure we got the best available.We know you are very proud of the development of your Croatia and admire your passion in passing it on to others. You did your country proud!
September 2017

Simone and Tom Hasker- Dubai, Arab Emirates
Dear Robyn, a special note from some very happy customers for our recent trip yachting on the Dalmatian Coast aboard the MV Korab. From start to finish the trip was a perfect 10/10 and your guidance on our hotels, routes and suggesting the most amazing boat for our joint 40th birthday was essential and so very much appreciated.
We all LOVE Croatia! Thanks again to you and although we didn’t get to meet you, we enjoyed meeting your husband in Split as he accompanied us to our boat. A lifetime memory we will never forget.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Simone Hasker in Dubai Fabric and more — in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mick and Denise Powers, BMD GROUP, Brisbane, Peter and Gwendolyn Dawes, AMEXCORP, Perth, spent 12 days in Croatia… 3 days in Dubrovnik, 7 days sailing Dubrovnik to Split on a luxury timber gulet, and 2 days in Split, July/August 2015. another 4 of their friends joined them for a very memorable journey..please see their comments below:….

Hi Robyn, Let’s hope that necklace is available through Zagreb…it would be a lovely reminder of such a wonderful trip with you, Dusko and Jere, not forgetting the crew and the two Ivan’s!!! Mick and I so thoroughly enjoyed it (the quality should be emphasised as it was second to none we have had before and we commend you and your team).
Denise and Mick Power, Brisbane.

Dear Robyn… We are enjoying Rome while a wonderful city its not like our beautiful fresh clean Croatia. We are already talking about Croatia in 2017 probably early September to avoid the heat but still enjoy the warm water. Thank you for your wonderful support are guidance in making our trip a very memorable experience.

Talk soon
Kind regards,
Peter & Gwendoline  Dawes, Perth

Hi Robyn, Well we are well and truly back and settled into life in New Zealand! I just wanted to touch base with you and say thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip to Croatia. We absolutely loved everything about your wonderful country and the itinerary you put together was exceptional. We loved our time in Split and Rada was just so lovely. We loved walking around Split with her and she was really interesting and made the history come alive for us. I intend to email her direct to say thank you too. She gave us some of her lovely fig jam (she said you loved it too) and I am enjoying it on my toast right now. I think of her each time I have it! She is just such a lovely person. Trogir was a lovely place too and we enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere there. Our neighbours are there right now, catching one of the motorised sailing boats for a trip around the islands so seeing their photos is bringing back memories already. We were so pleased that we got to meet up with you. We did eat one one of the restaurants you recommended and it was a very lovely meal. Our accommodation was great and the staying within the palace walls was very special. We loved the atmosphere at night with the music and people and the lighting of the old buildings. Such an amazing experience. The trip to the Plitvice lakes was so amazing, we just loved the day – and the tour guide and bus driver were exceptional hosts. We had fun with them and the tour of the lakes was just an amazing experience – so so beautiful and hard to capture with photos. We had a great trip out to Hvar with two lovely guys who were in charge of the boat that took us out. They were both very helpful and obliging and nothing was too much trouble. The accommodation at Hvar was exceptional and the owners of the hotel were just absolutely lovely. We had a lovely time walking around (and climbing up the huge hill to get the most amazing views). Then going on to Korcula was a nice way to finish off our island hopping. Dubrovnik was another amazing experience. We were driven from the drop off point from the islands by a lovely young man and the wine tasting and winery blew us away. After so much devastation with the war years to see how people have managed to come out the other side so well as very moving. Hotel Lapad was a great place to stay. Staff were very helpful and caring. We had a great guide and a driver for our day trip to Cavtat and Konavle and enjoyed the Folklore dancing. Tom, the guide, then took us to a lovely place for lunch – under a bridge with the river running beneath the table. Vinica Monkovic was the name I think and it was near Konavle. Absolutely beautiful place. It was my birthday so that we a great place to have a beautiful lunch. Then we were taken to the old Dubrovnik. Well, what can we say about that – it was so busy with heaps of people, but such a great atmosphere. Tom met us again later in the day and we did a tour of the old city with him, and he pointed out where to get the cable car and a good starting point to walk the walls. Everything about our time in Dubrovnik was so great. Tom also mentioned to us to go over the the beach side from where we were staying and walk around the coastline to spend time at the Cave Bar.

Robyn. I intend to email them directly to tell them this too as it is important that the people who spent time showing us around their part of Croatia are given good feedback. They were all young, but very very good and had great personalities – such great ambassadors for Croatia. So Robyn once again many thanks for all you did for us putting together our itinerary. I hope we will again meet up one day, but meantime I will certainly be giving your contact to anyone who is wanting to visit Croatia. I know you will be very busy right now with your tours as it is your busy time. Take care and hope we meet up again.

Kindest regards,
Gaille and  Ray Hopkinson
New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND. June 2015.

Robyn, I had a great holiday. Robert was perfect, attentive and the perfect gentleman. It was nice to be in the Mercedes and Robert is a terrific driver.The guides in Montenegro and Bosnia were great. I loved the accommodation in Montenegro and the Hilton really spoilt me with a beautiful room and balcony. It was good to go to Bosnia, but I would not go back.

The sailing was one of the highlights, the yacht  ‘Acustica’, Alan and Natalia were wonderful hosts and the weather was much better than I thought.  I was thinking it was so early in the season, but the sun was lovely. Just enjoying the Islands and being on the Adriatic was bliss.

The trip to the winery was another highlight. Robyn, I would recommend you highly and if ever I were going back to Croatia I would get you to organize me again!!

Many thanks,

Hi Robyn, We had a wonderful time. Our tours were great and the transfers were perfect.  We especially enjoyed our Mostar tour guide and our driver that day.  We also enjoyed our time on Angelica. It is a lovely boat with a great crew. Thanks for your help!
Nancy Berman, USA May 2015  

 Dear Robyn, My apologies for the late reply. Firstly, I would like to say, that we thoroughly enjoyed everything you organised for us in Croatia. We loved our holiday and will certainly refer you to our friends Antonia was sensational. We really liked her, and enjoyed her company, particularly some of the insightful chats we had about Croatia.  Great lady. The apartments were fantastic, well located and good value.

We went to Trogir. Loved it and had lunch where you suggested. Great again. The Plitvice Lakes were absolutely awesome. We have told our grandchildren and children, that they must go there. Truly amazing.Allen and Natalie were sensational hosts and we were very well looked after. We loved sailing and they made sure our time with them, was enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble for them.  GREAT AGAIN.

The transfer down the Peninsula we thoroughly enjoyed, with lunch at the winery and  our drive down the Peljesac Peninsula was  FANTASTIC.

In Dubrovnik, again our apartment was well located, very comfortable and we really enjoyed our time there too. Went to all the restaurants you recommended. Thanks. Out tour host, Ivan, was sensational.   He was engaging, articulate and very knowledgeable. His historical experience, from a young boy growing up there and the history, was most informative and really  interesting. He was most helpful organising a few additional personal things for us. Again, nothing was too hard or an effort. Very professional.

Robyn Galloway/ Australia/May 2015

Hi Robyn, We had an amazing time, thoroughly enjoying our exposure to the Dalmatian coast and Slovenia. We probably tried to jam too much into the trip and as a result had some overload. I wanted to give you some decent feedback that may assist.

1. We want to rave positively about Blanka, she was great and we really enjoyed the day with her. She made the lakes visit so much more enjoyable for Gaylene ( not the greatest nature buff .

2. The Island of Pag and more particular the stay at Boskinac was a highlight. We could easily have stayed longer there.

3. Our day with Silvija in Istria was a hoot. I tried to pass my responsibility as driver over to her. That caused a laugh! She was so informative and friendly. A very impressive lady.

4. The car hire went very smoothly.

5. The incident in Split was unfortunate. In hindsight I believe that the experience with Rada would have been a better way to see Split compared to the tour we had as part of the cruise, unfortunately due to the circumstances there was not enough time. I say that having met Blanka and Silvija.

6. The cruising was outstanding with my favourite place being Hvar. Could easily spend more time there.

I could go on about the various cities , but would be better to comment on perhaps the places we thought could be missed, which were Zader and Bled. Anyway it was awesome and have already recommended it to friends. Should anyone want advice I’ll pass on your details.

Kind Regards
Mark and Gaylene Johnson, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
April/May 2015

Sept/October 2014
Dear Robyn, Pardon me for not answering you promptly regarding our stay in Zagreb.  On my return, several matters at my office required my immediate attention. Now resolved, I can calmly tell you that we are in our home, resting from all that wonderful “rest” we had in Croatia.  Our sincere thanks for all your help, particularly in preparation of the excellent itinerary of all the sites you deemed worth seeing—and they truly are worthy.  Your chauffeur selection for us deserves a very especial mention. The suggestions and confidence Robert gave us was inestimable.

As regards individual guides, all were clearly professional.  Anastasia in Albania won our particular regard as she fulfilled her responsibilities in such a natural, friendly and liking manner that we could not but be deeply affected.

Zarco in Split knew history perfectly and his remarks reinforced the beauty of places like Trogir.  Nikola in Dubrovnick emotionally overcame us and made us feel her regard for the place.  It would be unjust to fail to mention, Dorotea in Hvar was very friendly and knowledgeable of what deserved to be known on the island. Sonia at Plitvice Lakes showed us the best places from the waterfalls and lakes, with water a little bit cold but completely clean, as it was national holiday, there were a lot of people by what pathways and bridges were hard to walk Sonia was kind enough to be particularly careful with my wife allowing her to walk safely. Ivana in Zagreb guided us through the various sites with much depth of feeling and understanding.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.   All our visits were accompanied with excellent establishments for dining and appreciating the local Croatian cuisine.

To you and Jazminka we owe our having visited various beautiful sites in Croatia we might otherwise have missed.  Naturally, a country such as yours requires a much longer return stay, even after this marvelous introduction, to enjoy all it has to offer.  Furthermore we had the opportunity to visit Smiljan, birthplace of Nikola Tesla, a Serbo-Croat-Yugoslav whom we profoundly admire.

At last Robyn we must said ¡¡Thanks!! I understand your successful career in Croatia you are a problems solver and persons like me admire a lot your kind of person. kind enough to give us some of your time on our last night in Split as well as the gifts which you so kindly gave us makes me say that without a doubt we have been a lucky family because we meet you.

Tel:  (52) 55 53 93 5994. MEXICO


May/June 2014

Hi Robyn, Since our return from vacation our schedules have been very busy. I can’t count how many times I wish I was back in Croatia!

Our sailing trip was wonderful. We didn’t have much wind, but Brani and his first mate ensured we were treated to the very best. The boat is so beautiful and very well maintained.

I want to thank you again for your help in making this important connection and if you ever need a reference for anyone else considering a charter I would be more than happy to provide one.

Here are a couple of photos of our sailing trip.


Thank you again and I’ll be in touch before we travel next year, I would like to go wine tasting in Croatia. We had several great wines while we were there. If you ever travel to the US -Seattle, please give me a call.

Sincerely, Cheryl

May 2014
Oh thank you Robyn!!  What a lovely surprise to arrive home to a cool, wet and slighty mouldy home, and see that photo.  I just love the way chicky is “just being chicky!!!” Right in the middle. So good to see everyone again, but only 1 person missing….  :'(  guess trying to organise a time delay shot would have been just toooo much to hope for!  :):).  Thank you so much for giving us all a holiday we will never forget. You were just wonderful, as were all the crew.  I will certainly be recommending that trip to everyone I know.  With a bit of luck I will be doing it myself again in the future.  I wanted to tell you how much I loved the amazing  plitvice lakes. They were incredible.  And the surprise lunch in the winery!!!!!!  Well, it was a surprise to me, because I never expected anything of that standard!  THAT was a BIG highlight for me…  Fabulous food, venue and oh the wines……delightful.  I have 1 in my fridge right now.  ;).  Maya was just delightful too.  ALL THE BEST ROBYN,  enjoy the summer Jenny x

May 2014
Hi Robyn – Sorry for the delay in reply- we finally got home after travelling 36 hours and are now in the midst of jet lag!!

Firstly let me again thank you for all your organisation and help our holiday was a huge success and this was mainly due to your help. We all loved Judita Palace in Split – great accommodation and warmest hospitality.

All our restaurants in Split were excellent – fabulous seafood. The Slow Food tour with Rada was very informative and enjoyed by all as well as the lunch after. In Dubrovnik the Hotel More was a great choice as we were removed from the maddening crowds of Dubrovnik (cruise ships galore!)

Again all the restaurants were great but I have to mention Rozaria’s was a stand out with food wine and service, please pass on our compliments.

The ferry trip to Bari went very smoothly and our Italy holiday was also amazing. Many thanks also for organising the land tours from our boat – the stand out tour was the Hvar trip with the amazing peka dinner at night.

Again many thanks for everything
Kind Regards
Rosanna, Brisbane Australia

July/August 2013
Hi Robyn! Boy! What a great time we had going to Pipo’s! The whole evening was absolutely perfect, from the boat ride, to the food, to the lovely setting. The kids had a great time frolicking in the water after our meal, and the ride back, watching the sun set behind the islands and mountains, was breathtaking! Kalani (and the rest of us) say a big thank you very much! Thanks for arranging it and thanks for the gift of the boat fare.

Thanks also for this recommendation to the Drazen Jaksic Gallery and Donji Humac village. I’m not sure if we’re going to make it before we have to leave on Thursday morning or not, but perhaps tomorrow, if we get most of our packing and cleaning done early. Otherwise, it will be just one more reason that we have to come back…and boy do we so want to come back! We are in love with this place! We could not have had a better vacation or a more perfect location. This was exactly what we needed! We’ll be recommending this place to all our friends and family, and you as well for your great help. Tanya and the kids also send their sincerest thanks and deep appreciation for your help with our vacation and your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Next time we’re able to come to Croatia, we’ll definitely contact you. And, if you get a chance to visit Israel, let us know. We’d be happy to show you around Jerusalem and introduce you to some of our friends and share some of the culture with you. One way or another, I hope our paths will cross again.

Many blessings to you!
Thanks again,
Erik, Tanya, Joshua & Kalani Rogers
Jerusalem, Israel. – July/August 2013

Oh thank you Robyn!!  What a lovely surprise to arrive home to a cool, wet and slighty mouldy home, and see that photo.  I just love the way chicky is “just being chicky!!!” Right in the middle. So good to see everyone again, but only 1 person missing….  :'(  guess trying to organise a time delay shot would have been just toooo much to hope for!  :):).  Thank you so much for giving us all a holiday we will never forget. You were just wonderful, as were all the crew.  I will certainly be recommending that trip to everyone I know.  With a bit of luck I will be doing it myself again in the future.  I wanted to tell you how much I loved the amazing  plitvice lakes. They were incredible.  And the surprise lunch in the winery!!!!!!  Well, it was a surprise to me, because I never expected anything of that standard!  THAT was a BIG highlight for me…  Fabulous food, venue and oh the wines……delightful.  I have 1 in my fridge right now.  ;).  Maya (sp?)  Was just delightful too.

ALL THE BEST ROBYN,  enjoy the summer Jenny x
Jenny Waanders, Australia – June 201

Robyn was excellent in all categories, offering her local knowledge and recommendations which were always on target. Considerate and inclusive of all guests.
David and Merryn Courtney – Australia June 2012

Having Robyn Vulinovich on tour greatly enhanced any experience because of her local knowledge and enthusiasm and love of the region.
Catherine Fletcher, Bowral,  NSW Australia June 2012 

Robyn Vulinovich is so warm and gives 110% of herself with every guest. she is passionate about her work and Croatia. She gives so much time and energy into passing these feelings to her guests. Her expert knowledge is amazing!
Caroline Edmonson., Gold Coast, Australia June 2012

Dear Robyn, Thanks for the photo. Finally arrived home after visiting our children and grandchildren in Melbourne .we had a wonderful time in Croatia on the boat ,visiting villages, your introducing us to the local cuisines and customs adding to our holiday . We were lucky to watch a wedding in the square outside the cathedral in split while sitting on the steps after we left the boat .it was icing on cake and we enjoyed our day at krka falls . Thanks for the time you put in to make us all comfortable . Hope to meet again . Regards karel and Garry small.
Karel Small, Australia 2013 i

Hi Robbie, The Tour Leader with the mostest!  A MASSIVE THANK YOU for all you did for us on our trip through Croatia. Thank you also for taking time out to share with us in the evenings. Our memories of the meal out in Zagreb and the chance to see how the locals spend their evenings was something we would never have mangaged on our own. We would never have found that wonderful restaurant in Dubrovnik or known of the wonderful concert we attended there. I could go on and on., but THANK YOU!
Margaret and Peter McNeice- New Zealand

‘I want to tell you how impressed I was with you as our Tour Leader.
Robyn you made this a truly memorable travel experience for me, your in-depth knowledge of local food and wine, your linguistic skills and above all your fun, positive attitude and genuine interest in showing us the “hidden treasures” was recognised and sincerely appreciated by us all.”
Fiona Mackenzie -Re Croatia

“La dolce vita! Thank you Robyn for helping to make our dream come true. We’ve had a most wonderful week full of history, delightful countryside and beautiful people. “Thank you again. You’ve been a gem!
With much appreciation,”
Glynis Hargreaves – Hurlstone Park NSW Australia

“Just want to say how much I appreciated your care of me. From the first phone call to the warm handshake and so on to countless and encouraging smiles. I very much admire your enthusiasm and professionalism. Thank you most sincerely.”
Anne Coutts Bateman’s Bay NSW

“Croatia was awesome! It was all you said it would be and much more! Thank you Robyn for all your helpful advice. We loved it and want to return again and again. We particularly loved the Island of Hvar and could have happily stayed for much longer. The Croatian people we met along the way were so warm and welcoming. Thanks so much.”
Vanessa and Peter Wilkinson – Auckland, New Zealand

Please visit www.youtube.com/croatia

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