Head on East to Slavonia

Almost untouched by tourism, Slavonia has many unique natural wonders, Baroque architecture, delicious wholesome cuisine, very friendly people, and some of the finest wines! Recently I visited this eastern part of Croatia for the very first time and was so impressed by all I saw and experienced.

Once known as the breadbasket of the entire country, producing, wheat, corn, beets, vegetables, apples, peaches and plums, and sensational wines and brandies, yet the recent war of the 90’s took it’s toll upon this eastern region and now Slavonia is recovering, restoring, replanting and offering visitors a diverse selection of gastronomy, wine tastings, and a welcome peep into their unique and traditional way of life. Flat plains, rolling hills, oak forests, bounded by 3 major rivers, the Danube, Drava and Sava it borders Hungary to the North, Bosnia & Herzegovina to the South and Serbia to the East..this is Slavonia.

My photos speak for themselves..this is Slavonia..a place where I felt so warm and fuzzy and where I will return again, happily sharing time with my guests and specially designed Slow Tours for those who appreciate delicious food and wine, unique cultural experiences, exploring, with time to savour nature at it’s very best!

The places we visited included Slavonski Brod, Vukovar, Osijek, Kutjevo, Požega, Batina and the ethnic village of Karanac located in the north of Baranja offering an authentic slice of Slavonian village life in the present and as it was in the past, the way it used to be, with streets lined with cherry trees and beautiful gardens and so proud of it’s well preserved Pannonian architecture. Most of the homes have been lovingly restored and offer Bed&Breakfast to the more refined visitor.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues at ‘Taste Dalmatia’ for inviting me along on this journey of discovery..it was a magical tour of this very special region and now it’s time to plan some Slow Tours and offer our guests an opportunity to discover, relax and indulge perhaps not in the most expensive, but in the most meaningful and delicious aspects of this magical country.

Robyn Vulinovich, 22/10/19.