My Croatia – A Hot Holiday Destination

What is it about Croatia? Why are so many people choosing to visit this country? Arriving by air, sea and across the borders of Europe…many of them on their way to the Dalmatian islands, some embarking on yachts and cruises, others making their way to their holiday destinations, while a record number are also choosing to spend time in this city of Split, always buzzing with the sound of summer, or during the cooler  months of winter, with festivals and entertainment of all descriptions, from Classical to Rock, not forgetting our wonderful Klapa Groups (A Cappella) that our visitors love, even if they can’t understand the words! They love it all!

During this year of  2019, between January and mid October  just over 20 million visitors arrived in Croatia.  Many from  neighbouring European countries poured in across the northern borders, others arrived my boat and ferry, while many more travelled from afar, predominently from USA, Asia, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand. The word is spreading about one of the hottest holiday destinations!

The diversity within this small country is astounding! A land of 1000 islands, her magical nature and rich heritage have been ecologically well preserved. From the wondrous city of Dubrovnik in the south of the stunning Adriatic coastline and it’s Mediterranean climate, to the Istrian peninsula near the Italian border in the north, and Central  Continental  Croatia around Zagreb, land of baroque architecure, magical castles, rich culture, art and history, to the fertile lands of Slavonija in the east where tradition, folklore, and warm hospitality abound.

Slavonija is a region of Croatia almost untouched by tourism, yet having many unique natural wonders, Baroque architecture, delicious wholesome cuisine, very friendly people, and some of the finest wines! Recently I visited this eastern part of Croatia for the very first time and was so impressed by all I saw and experienced. Bordering Hungary to the North, Serbia to the East, and Bosnia & Herzegovina to the south, Slavonija is open to those seeking an ‘off the beaten track’ unique experience. Highly recommended!

Each region has it’s particular cuisine specialities, and our customised  tour itineraries always feature the freshest of sea food, olive oil, figs and cherries along the Dalmatian coast; porcini and truffles of Istria; to the spicier foods of Slavonija, smoked meats, excellent salamis and world class cheeses, not to mention an exciting range of quality wines. White wines of the north and east,(malvazia in Istria, graševina from Slavonija,) and red wines further south, particularly the Plavac of Dalmatia, are so enjoyable with the local cuisine.

Something for everyone. Here in this small country with a population of only 4 million you will find a large range of tours. Boasting many  activities, including sailing and cruising, walking tours, cycling, history art and culture tours, religious,  scenic, luxury, diving, cooking classes, Slowfood and wine tours..and moving rapidly to the fore is Croatian Health Tourism where visitors can indulge in the latest facial and body treatments and surgery by world class surgeons and  therapists, using state of the art equipment and technology at a very compeditive cost.

Natural Health and Skincare abounds in Croatia. A wide variety of naturally growing herbs in Croatia are plentiful, providing excellent 100% natural skincare products for both beauty and problematic skins, internal illnesses and conditions. Natural therapists and naturopaths provide excellent services and natural healthcare. some of the very best healers are our grandmothers. They know the herbs of their local regions and are natural healers within their families and communities..always ready to offer care and advice.

Robyn Vulinovich, Split.                                                                                                                   Email:

2 Responses to My Croatia – A Hot Holiday Destination

  1. Kaye dillon says:

    Hi Robbie
    Kaye dillon here just sitting at home in Melbourne
    With marg and Peter mcniece
    Marg has shown me your web site
    You look amazing my lovely
    I will follow your travels and maybe one day We will be lucky enough to join you
    Love Kaye Bryan marg and Peter

    • Hi Kaye!!! so sorry I didn’t notice your comment! great to hear you are all well..and so lovely for you to have Marg and Peter visiting with you in Melbourne.
      you won’t believe it but i got married on 5th October! all the photos are on Facebook -Robyn Vulinovich-Sisaric. We are living here in Split..and I would love to see youi all over here one day…wouldn’t that be great..and lots of laughs. Give my love to Bryan and take care..Warmest Regards, Robyn XXXX

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