Eko-centre ‘Caput Insulae Beli’ from Island Cres in the Kvarner Bay is featured in the UK’s Guardian’s ‘Ten best volunteering wildlife holidays’. This is an excerpt from an article with 2021 and beyond in mind.

Escape to the sensual Adriatic island of Cres to save endangered birds of prey and preserve a vulnerable forest. It’s a serene, sunny place with dense woodland sheltering golden eagles, wolves and bears. Griffon vultures are among the species struggling to survive. When conservationist Dr Goran Susić set up his rescue centre here 15 years ago, there were only 25 pairs on the island – now there are nearly 100. Volunteers feed baby vultures, check nests to make sure no babies have fallen into the sea, and tend to more demanding, older ones. In your downtime, you can explore the surrounding ruins and monasteries, walk nature trails with dizzying sea views, and watch dolphins

Get involved as a volunteer…Meet Irina and Kato, volunteers from Georgia…….. See what they have to say about their experience as volunteers.. https://www.biom.hr/en/news/meet-our-georgian-volunteers-on-the-lets-cres-project/

Udruga BIOM

The Beli Visitor Centre on Island Cres is closed at the moment due to Covid19.

The Centre offers an outstanding educational program: https://belivisitorcentre.eu/en/educational-workshops/

For further information please contact Robyn Vulinovich in Split, Croatia. Email: vulinovichrobyn@gmail.com Mobile: +385 998280102 on WhatsApp Website: www.myhiddencroatia.com

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